Hammer of Thyrion (uHexen2) Features:
* Support for Hexen II, Hexen II demo, Portal of Praevus mission pack,
  and HexenWorld.

* Supported operating systems/platforms: Well tested on Linux, FreeBSD,
  Mac OS X, Windows, AROS, MorphOS and even DOS. Other unices with SDL
  support should also work fine. Known to build and run just fine for
  QNX, and Nokia internet tablets N770, N800 and N810 using Maemo. There
  are separate ports to AmigaOS4, RISC OS, PalmOS, GP2X and Pandora.
  Well tested on both 32 bit and 64 bit platforms. Well tested on both
  little endian and big endian platforms.

* In-game resolution changing for both opengl and software renderers.
  Instant fullscreen/windowed toggling on X11 (unix).

* Widescreen FOV (field of view) support and automatic Hor+ FOV scaling
  based on resoluton in both opengl and software renderer.

* OpenGL enhancements including multitexturing, glow effects, working
  brightness control, text and hud size changing on the fly, translucent
  console background, console background stretching, colored lights and
  support for external lit files, anisotropic texture filtering, fixes
  for texture cache and model mesh cache mismatches.

* Fully network-compatible with Raven's 1.11 windows version as well as
  with other Hexen II ports. Can load and play games saved with Raven's
  1.11 windows version.

* The same binary handles both original hexen2 and the mission pack.

* The same binary transparently handles progs.dat files of both v6 and
  v7 specs.

* The same hexen2 binary transparently handles all v1.03-v1.11 (hexen2)
  and v1.12 (mission pack) style progs.dat files.

* The same hexenworld binary transparently handles all v0.11, v0.14 and
  v0.15 style progs.dat files.

* Fullscreen intermissions and help dialogs.

* MouseWheel support.

* Improvements and lots of fixes to the HexenC game code.

* Improved sound support: A selection of three different sound drivers
  (ALSA, OSS and SDL) for Linux. FreeBSD is supported with OSS and SDL,
  OpenBSD and NetBSD are experimentally supported with sunaudio and SDL.

* Support for ogg, mp3, opus, flac and wav external music files to be
  played instead of the original midi files. support for mod (tracker)
  music, including unreal's umx music files.

* Working music volume controls and on the fly selection of CD or MIDI

* Full user directories support under unix: all users have their own
  configuration files and game saves.

* Improved console functionality (inline editing and tab completion),
  and a maplist command.

* Ability to delete saved games from within the game.

* Several hexen2 utilities (hcc: the hexenc compiler, and other mapping
  tools) are maintained and are being kept up to date.

* Several hexenworld utilities (hwmaster: hexenworld master server,
  hwmquery: tool for querying hw master servers, hwrcon and hwterm: rcon
  tools) are maintained and are being kept up to date.

* Countless bug fixes, security fixes, and other improvements.